For details of the 2016 LPJS competitions please click on the link below to go to the new website
Go to the LPJS 2016 website

Prizes can now be claimed, for those finishing in the top 8 of your category and competed in at least 3 competitions, by going to the rankings page and clicking on the link

U15 and U17 foil entrants must have a mask fitted with an electric foil bib.


If anyone has left behind any equipment at a competition you should contact the organisers of the competition to see if it was left behind at the venue.

The Leon Paul Junior Series (LPJS) is the best way to start fencing competitively. Aimed specifically for young fencers who want to compete in a fun, safe environment. There are over 30 competitions nationwide and athletes’ ages range from 7 to 17. Fencing is a great way to keep fit but to develop your skills you need to fence under competition conditions against different opposition. Some fencers attend just one or two competitions each year, while others will compete in several, trying to collect the ranking points needed to climb up the LPJS ranking tables and win a prize. Virtually all of the successful young fencers in the country started their careers in LPJS competitions.